My Clean Computer Desktop

You know guys I do nothing when I am alone in the house. I just clicking and checking my files in my computer and browsing some unused documents. I think it that it’s better to delete them so that can I have a lot of Hard Disk Drive that causes my computer to logged. I clean the entire file that I never need anymore. And I restart my computer several times to check what the effect of what I am doing is. I see the speed of my computer that speed up, it can boot and shutting down quickly than before.

But I see my desktop that very disorganize, what I mean there are so many icons that displaying on my desktop. I find the way to make it clean and good looking. Ahhhaa! I never display desktop icons so that no more icon can I see when I look at. And after I removed the desktop icons, I setup some gadgets like analog clock, calendar and Memory and CPU performance monitor. After which I change my desktop wallpaper. See...

My operating is Window 7 Ultimate. That my desktop right now! For me, it looks clean. How about you, what can you say? Feel free to comment guys. And you can also try on your computer what I have done.


I clean my desktop once a month I don't like to have too many folders. But, there are some thing that I need and they have to be there, but then I organize it by some meaning.


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