Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C against Flu and Cough

My mother went home yesterday with Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C, one (1) box which contain 100 capsules. According to her, it is the latest vitamin C in the market which is perfect to increase your resistance against flu, cough and other infectious disease. It also hastens wound healing and connective tissues.

As I see the Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee box, it convinces me to take Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C because of its true orange box packaging design. So, after eating my lunch I immediately take one (1) capsule. After 15 minutes I feel sleepy, so I go to bed to sleep. When I wake up I feel energetic which I never felt before. I feel better all day long. Until today I continue taking Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C one (1) capsule a day for maintenance to prevent flu and cough, and to strengthen my immune system.

Each capsule contains 568.18mg of Sodium Ascorbate that is equivalent to 500mg of Ascorbic Acid. Make sure that you store it with not exceeding 300C at room temperature.  

Base on the dosage after reading, just take 1 to 2 capsules for maintenance and to increase your resistance against cold and flu just take 2-3 capsules a day. 

But Sodium Ascorbate should be given with care to the patients with renal, urinary bladder stones. You can buy Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C to the nearest drugstore in your area nationwide.


  1. Is it prescribed to those pregnant woman?? Last night i eas looking for vamcee the pharmacist recomend sovit cee

  2. is it okay to take sovit-cee if your are taking gluthatione?

  3. what is the age range to take sovit cee?

  4. This vitamin C "Sovit-Cee is made of what country?


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