AVON: Natural Aloe Hydra-cool Overnight Mask

Last Saturday, my friend allows me to gland her AVON brochure and I found what I’m looking for, the Natural Aloe Hydra-cool Overnight Mask. I’ll looking it before because I’ll tried it already and my face look good, pimples never develops again and my skin look smooth and fresh.

This is my secret of being handsome… jejeje and I know every guy want to be handsome, how can I say that? Because almost of my office-mates  and friends always searching the internet/web on “how to become handsome?”

Guys it is your place, I’ll tell you my secret!

How to use Natural Aloe Hydra-cool Overnight Mask?
- Wash your face and neck with mild soap (I’ll using Silka Papaya).
- Dry your face with cotton face towel (if you have electric fan, you can face it to dry quickly).
- Apply desired amount onto your face and neck, massage evenly.
- Leave overnight for intensive care.
- Use 2-3 times a week only.

For the best result you can also use Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser and Pond’s Whitening Detox.

You are now handsome! :)
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O+ 1.2 Music Mobile Phone

Last Sunday, I purchased a new mobile phone from O+ with model 1.2 Music. I choose this mobile phone because it suit for my budget and then it has all the features that I looking for.  Portable for hand carry, good for calling and texting purposes.

3 days of used of this mobile product, it is very okay for me to use because of its friendly user interface, actually even I never seen the manual, I can manipulate the phone well. It is open line, meaning you can use any mobile network you want, like Talk N Text, Globe, TM, Smart Buddy, SUN and ABS-CBNMobile.  Since it is dual SIM, so you can choose 2 mobile networks you want to operate in your O+ 1.2 Music Mobile Phone.

I already choose Talk N Text and Globe Mobile Networks for my own.

My O+ 1.2 Music Mobile Phone Features:
- Camera with zoom
- FM Radio
- MP3
- Bluetooth
- Torch/Flash Light
- Dual SIM
- Expandable memory supports up to 32GB

If have you want to have O+ 1.2 Music Mobile Phone like me, you can purchase it to the nearest mobile phone store in your area.  The actual battery performance of the product depends on usage, application, device settings and factors may occur. All product features are subject to change without prior notice. 
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VIDA: Cardio-Ceutical Heart Friendly Drink

Guys, I have something new to tell you and I hope it will help to those people who are want to be refreshingly healthy. I already taste this VIDA Cardio-Ceutical drink for almost five (5) months and I feel good, same time I feel healthy. Not only that your heart will be getting healthy and you can make you happy all day long.

I will share you the health benefits of VIDA Cardio-Ceutical Drink that will give you once you try it. You can try it anytime if you want.

VIDA Cardio-Ceutical package and health benefits:
- 10 Sachets with 8g each pack
- Sugar Free
- Heart Friendly 
- Enright with LycoVera Nutra-Blend
- Quality Carotenoid Lycopene Plus Resvida
- Refreshingly Healthy

One (1) Vida Sachet is equal to 500ml or two (2) glasses. Just simple, Drink Vida and Feel Vida. If you want to try, you can purchase VIDA Cardio-Ceutical to the nearest Alliance in Motion Global distributor or agent worldwide.

You also share this good information to your friends, relatives and love ones to let them know. Your share is highly appreciated. 
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Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C against Flu and Cough

My mother went home yesterday with Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C, one (1) box which contain 100 capsules. According to her, it is the latest vitamin C in the market which is perfect to increase your resistance against flu, cough and other infectious disease. It also hastens wound healing and connective tissues.

As I see the Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee box, it convinces me to take Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C because of its true orange box packaging design. So, after eating my lunch I immediately take one (1) capsule. After 15 minutes I feel sleepy, so I go to bed to sleep. When I wake up I feel energetic which I never felt before. I feel better all day long. Until today I continue taking Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C one (1) capsule a day for maintenance to prevent flu and cough, and to strengthen my immune system.

Each capsule contains 568.18mg of Sodium Ascorbate that is equivalent to 500mg of Ascorbic Acid. Make sure that you store it with not exceeding 300C at room temperature.  

Base on the dosage after reading, just take 1 to 2 capsules for maintenance and to increase your resistance against cold and flu just take 2-3 capsules a day. 

But Sodium Ascorbate should be given with care to the patients with renal, urinary bladder stones. You can buy Sodium Ascorbate Sovit-Cee Vitamin C to the nearest drugstore in your area nationwide.
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SUN Broadband: Alcatel One Touch X230M-2BSPPH3 White

My best friends go to the Robinson’s Mall here in Roxas City, Capiz to purchased SUN Broadband for his laptop to do his java project. He wants to access to Google and some other websites to do some research to help him and expand his knowledge in the field of java programming. So he needs a fast and reliable broadband that can meet his internet connection needs.

Before he left from their house he calls me via cellphone using ABS-CBN Mobile SIM asking me if what best broadband for his project needs is. And I told him the SUN Broadband because I already tested Alcatel One Touch X230M-2BSPPH3 White SUN Broadband as my broadband in home that I used for almost 3 years. That is perfect for research and surfing the internet with 3.5G connection.

Here are the Key Features of One Touch X230 
  1. HSPA/UMTS 850/2100MHz
  2. EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/580 MHz
  3. HSPA data service of 7.2 Mbps DL, 5.76 Mbps UL
  4. SMS Service
  5. Micro SD Card Slot with 16GB Support
  6. Plug and Play
  7. Support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8; Mac OS X 10.4.9 – 10.8 Version
Sun Broadband
You can go online anytime and anywhere with Sun Broadband!
  1. 3.5G Next Generation Broadband Technology
  2. Best Value Plans
  3. Plug and Play Convenience

Sun Broadband is expanding the service nationwide with the Most Advanced Mobile Broadband Internet Technology utilizing 3.5G High-Speed Packet Access Technology on an All-IP network. Sun Broadband gives you superior mobile broadband experience. And because it is backed by EDGE/GPRS technology, you can access the internet even in areas where 3.5G is not yet available.
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The Life of Cardo Taping

As of now we are here in at Banica Cemetary, located at Brgy. Banica, Roxas City, Capiz. We are conducting here a taping for The Life of Cardo which is our project in our Literature subject. Mr. Roben Rey Lagura now taking his script as Cardo. We are very laughing here because our group mates put a charcoal to create Cardo image through Mr. Lagura’s face. (Hahahhahahha)!

We have two (2) camera women here that are responsible for capturing videos and taking pictures for the scene. The script writer and also the director take some actions regarding to the possible action and facial expression of all the characters. Positioning of camera at exactly in the right angle or view for the perfect visual display.

There are so many children and teenagers watching and witness the said taping here. We also gave some snacks and drinks to the children who participated the taping as extra!

As I interview Mr. Lagura as the main character and stand as Cardo if what he feel in the shooting? He said that, he is first timer who act at the front of the camera, he felt difficult in terms of facial expression and some action that are not common in his action. As a part of comedian action, it is not easy to perform! But finally he overcomes the situation.

The Life of Cardo Characters:
- CARDO - Roben Rey Lagura
- LORENZA - Chrisa Joy Baradero
- INTERVIEWER - Rona Mae Peniano
- PARENTS - Mary Joy Mandane
          - Mary Candy Lajo
- NEIGHBORS - Reah Bayona
   - Lyneth Ebora
- SCRIPT WRITER/DIRECTOR - Marie There Batuigas
- CAMERA WOMEN - Christine Mae Andrade

The life of Cardo is all about beauty, why there are beautiful and some are not? Why people like beautiful? And what is beauty that people die for?
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Picture taking riding My Kawasaki Bajaj Motorcycle near at Roxas City Capitol and Roxas City Public Plaza

Together with my friend Crespen Becares we get a joyride from Mckinley Street, Roxas City to Roxas City Baybay area to smell the fresh air there. It's evening time at around 9:00 P.M.. And after we went Roxas City Baybay we just go back to the Roxas City Capitol building to take some rest.
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