My Clean Computer Desktop

You know guys I do nothing when I am alone in the house. I just clicking and checking my files in my computer and browsing some unused documents. I think it that it’s better to delete them so that can I have a lot of Hard Disk Drive that causes my computer to logged. I clean the entire file that I never need anymore. And I restart my computer several times to check what the effect of what I am doing is. I see the speed of my computer that speed up, it can boot and shutting down quickly than before.

But I see my desktop that very disorganize, what I mean there are so many icons that displaying on my desktop. I find the way to make it clean and good looking. Ahhhaa! I never display desktop icons so that no more icon can I see when I look at. And after I removed the desktop icons, I setup some gadgets like analog clock, calendar and Memory and CPU performance monitor. After which I change my desktop wallpaper. See...

My operating is Window 7 Ultimate. That my desktop right now! For me, it looks clean. How about you, what can you say? Feel free to comment guys. And you can also try on your computer what I have done.

Kay Destor - Filamer Christian University IT Student

Studying and having friends are much fun. One of my friend and also my classmate, Kay Destor an IT student of Filamer Christian University. He is now 21 years old as of year 2013. He is single, but may be no longer available because he is now with his girl accompanied him every day when he go to school (hahahaha!). He is a cute guy, a nice talk when it comes to discussions and a clean penmanship.

 Why I featured him here in my blog? You know guys, I am admire those person who are intelligent. Getting perfect score in the exams and excellent in point of view, in our accounting subject he is simply got the perfect score, a paper with no erasure, amazing! But some of our classmate keep on saying (GAPANGARANGKA NA KAMI YAH! hahahah!) but Kay just keep cool and easy.

 He is behaving just sometimes he talk, talk fruitfully not a joke. Those person can we say that deep reasonable one. Do you want to know Kay Destor? I take him a picture when we are in our literature 100 subject. Just see his picture below.

Filamer Christian University (FCU) College Computer Studies Department

As an Information Technology student of Filamer Christian University I really appreciated the teaching and learning standard of the school. In terms of Instructor and Instructress they are very suitable for the subject they teach. They are very concern about the learning of their students. Their satisfaction is based on what students learn about they teaches. The quality of learning is very different from others, that's in my own understanding, I don't know if others so.

 The computer laboratories are fully equipped to serve their students computer studies in different fields of computer learning Fully air condition and the laboratory of 1st year is separated from 2nd year also in 3rd year and 4th year students laboratory. Computers specification are good enough for programming, it can runs different kinds of heavy programs like autocad, adobe photoshop, google sketch map and 3Dmaxx which was designed for IT's and CCS's students.

 There are also such rules and regulation from the school that need to be follow. And those rules and regulation can also help students to be a total beings as they grow old and as they experience the struggle of life. Those rules and regulation are implemented through the guidance of the school.

 If I were you, if you are looking of excellent standard and quality of learning come Filamer Christian University and experience what I am saying to you. By the way, Filamer Christian University is located at Roxas Avenue, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. If you are stranger here in Capiz, you can go to the Provincial Tourism Office to ask for assistance. But don't you worry because Filamer Christian University is well-known here in Capiz and everybody know where is Filamer Christian University. Which is the first Private School University in Capiz.

 I also take a picture of Filamer Christian University (FCU) College Computer Studies Department Building for some view for you to see. Information Technology and Computer Science rooms can be found in 3rd floor or you can also inquire in the information personnel.

Citizens Crime Watch - Capiz Chapter

Citizens Crime Watch here in Capiz, Philipine is fully operated with the assistance and presence of CCW Capiz Chapter President Alex Deita. As one of the member of CCW Capiz Chapter I do my best to my voluntary service to the group and also to the community.

 We as Citizen’s Crime Watch NGO-SEC. registered anti-crime organization fully operating in Reg. 6 with about 3,500 active members which 1,200 member are from Capiz. We are official member of the peace and order council in the local special bodies in the Province of Capiz at the same time deputized as BPAT under the DILG Program LOI# 22-09.

 Throughout the generation as a permanent existing NGO in the Province of Capiz, our next task, we will permanently become accredited and adopted volunteer in PDRRMC as we will be recognized as RESCUE RANGERS as first in the Reg. 6 which will be register in SEC as CCW-RESCUE CHAPTER.

 We, Citizens Crime Watch - Capiz Chapter will serve Capiz voluntarily and we promote peace and order in the area. Citizens Crime Watch - Capiz Chapter thanks for supporting us all our needs needed to the task operation. “Mabuhay” and it’s more fun in the Philippines.

How to remove pimples in easy way and not costly

You know friends, removing pimples is not easy if you don't know how to take good care of your face and don't know what kind of remover you are going to use. And pimples will make your face like a dark board (hahahaha!). If you like to look beautiful you must remove your pimples and take good your face.

Now, I want to share you my experience about removing pimples which very easy and not costly. It is 100% effective if you follow all the instructions correctly and the exact recipe that I going to share you.

Here we go! "You need an Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser - Classic White. You must choose only plain cleanser not with grains, okey... Then, a Dalacinci Capsule, if want to experience excellent effect just buy the original one but it is cost 65 pesos per capsule while Clendamicine the generic it only cost 3 pesos per capsule. If you use the original just only one (1) capsule you are going to pour in your Eskinol but if you use the generic one, you must pour three (3) capsule. Just put the capsule as a whole don't remove it from the shell which is color pink. And let the capsule dissolve. The capsule will make you Eskinol turn to color pink. If it turns to color pink meaning you do it correctly. Just look like in the picture below, Okey... Then, a Pond's White Beauty Detox Day Cream. And the last one, the Care Absorbent Cotton."

What are the sequence of using those recipes? If you ask me about the soap you are going to use, my answer is that, any kind of soap which your skin adopted it, a soap that you use everyday.

Step 1. In the morning. After taking a bath, Moisten a piece of cotton with Eskenol and apply on face and neck.

Step 2. After cleansing your face with Eskenol, apply the Pond's White Beauty Detox Day Cream on your whole face then in your neck.

Step 3. In the evening. Wash your face and neck then, After washing your face, let your face dry for a minutes by a towel.

Step 4. Then, Moisten a piece of cotton with Eskenol and apply on face and neck.

Step 5. Just do it with Step 2.

That's it! A very simple and easy ways of instructions to be follow. You can see the effect within seven (7) days of daily use. I hope it will help a lot. It is for both men and women.

F4 Aficionado Germany Perfume - Men's Perfume

Today's afternoon I go to the market to buy some groceries. I dropped by to a perfume store and I tried to choose the best perfume scent. And my classmates are there also, they asked me if what goes I am there. I replied that I buy some groceries consumable for one (1) week.

"Groceries..? But why you are here in the perfume store..? Hmmmm.... Hahahaha! Guys I am a teenager like you and I want to buy a perfume to smell good okey! Guys if you goes with my just help me to choose the better one."

We test some all the scent and I choose the one I like much all of those scent. The F4 Aficionado Germany Perfume it smell good and good for men.

When I pay it in the counter the cashier told me that the perfume bottle is refillable and you can get a refill anytime. The cost of the perfume will be deducted in the actual prize in terms of refill prize.

When I went home I take a picture of my new and like scent F4 Aficionado Germany Perfume. Hahahaha! Just look the picture below...

MX3 Herbal Capsule and Tea

Did you hear or even try this MX3 Herbal Capsule and Tea, you know guys it gives extra energy all day long. Why I say that, because after three (3) minutes when I took MX3 Herbal Capsule I feel stronger. And my energy level goes up.

It is herbal and purely organic and no side effects. If I were you, I try one to feel what they say. Nothing to worry, you can prevent any illness and you can secure yourself from sickness.

If MX3 give some energy, energize this blog here is my technorati verification token "3CX4ANVUFCZQ ".

MX3 Herbal Capsule and Tea is available in the nearest pharmacy or drugstore in your area, available nationwide. Buy and try it now!


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